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If you are suffering from a work injury in Portland, our chiropractor can help. Work injuries can be problematic not only because of the injury itself, but also because of the lost time and wages that may occur. Chiropractic care can help you get back to normal as fast as possible by addressing the root of the problem.

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Common Work Injuries

The types of work injuries that send people to the chiropractor are often muscle or soft tissue damage. Skeletal damage in the form of misalignments may also be a reason that people seek chiropractic care, but this type of damage often masquerades as a soft tissue injury. Misaligned bones can cause certain tissues to be stretched too far or tensed too tightly, which is usually the immediate cause of the pain.

Not all work injuries are immediately apparent. In many cases, the reason that you are seeking chiropractic care may not be the only injury that you have. Depending on how you acquired the injury, there may be other parts of the body involved that you did not even realize were injured. If you were in an acute accident, for example, you may have multiple skeletal misalignments that are not yet causing problems but could in the future. If you have an overuse injury, you may have damage in the surrounding areas from your body trying to compensate.

Treatment for Work Injuries

The first step of treating a work injury is diagnosing the problem. Our advanced diagnostic equipment and procedures will be used to evaluate your injury and any associated problems that may have been caused by the same incident or situation. We can also find misalignments and other indicators that something is not right, even if you cannot feel them yet.

Treatment starts with management for the pain you are in. This type of treatment is helpful in long-term healing, but also effective at short-term pain relief. Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment are both commonly used at this stage. Massage therapy helps injured muscles relax and improves blood flow. Chiropractic adjustment addresses the underlying cause of the problem by putting bones back where they belong so that they do not continue to cause additional soft tissue stress.

Lifestyle adjustments can be very useful for both limiting pain and improving healing. Lifestyle adjustments are recommendations that we make regarding your overall actions, as well as how to perform certain actions. They can be a very powerful tool in avoiding exacerbating your injury while still allowing you to take care of your needs. Sometimes, something as simple as how you hold your limb while performing a certain activity can help relieve pain and stress on the injured area. Corrective exercises go along with lifestyle adjustments by helping you strengthen or stretch weak or injured areas.

City Chiropractic in Portland Can Help with Work Injury Cases

Another way that City Chiropractic in Portland can help is by documenting your injury. If you need to apply for disability, prove to your employers that you are injured, or hire an attorney, our records will indicate the thorough diagnostic procedures used and the damage found. It is important not to delay treatment while waiting for legal wrangling, so meticulous records are of great benefit to you.

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