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Reyn M Johnson D.C.,P.C.

Dr. Reyn is a graduate of the University of Western States, earning a doctorate in chiropractic and a concurrent Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. His passion for healing and helpingothers stems directly from his upbringing on the island of Guam; a remarkable place where the warmth and beauty of the land is shared equally by its people.

He was drawn to chiropractic care while playing for the Guam National Soccer team. While traveling across the world to play on the world stage, it was chiropractic care that kept him in top shape to perform on the field. Dr. Reyn has a wide range of specialties including: Sports Injuries & Injury Prevention, Postural/Movement Biomechanics Training, Family Wellness Care, and Pre/Post Natal Maternal Care



Clinic Director

Nicole is a Portland native, with a professional background in corporate retail planning and merchandising. After six years of working in a corporate office she is ready to utilize her skills to create meaningful relationships with the patients and lead the team at City Chiropractic. She was first exposed to Chiropractic at a clinic in downtown Beaverton back in 2015 and has been believer in holistic, preventative health care ever since. Nicole’s favorite pastimes are early Saturday mornings at 1000-acre Dog Park with her pup, and discovering new remote campsites.



Chiropractic Receptionist 

Born and raised in Portland, Janny graduated from Portland State University and continued her journey in the heart of Portland at City Chiropractic. She is eager to help patients in their path to healing and hopes that everyone who walks through our doors feel welcomed and cared for. 

In her free time, you may find her listening to music or catching up on the latest shows. She is looking forward to traveling the world and new adventures that come her way



Chiropractic Assistant

With a background in Exercise Science, Tala has always had a deep passion for health and wellness and has been working in the health field for over 4 years now. She thrives off of learning and teaching how to best take care of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

Moving from the field of personal training to chiropractic care, Tala’s goal for patients is to support them along their own chiropractic journey, all while promoting the health benefits of chiropractic care for one’s ultimate happiness and longevity in life.



Chiropractic Assistant

Returning back to Portland from Aotearoa New Zealand, Ofa has joined the City Chiropractic team! Working alongside Dr. Reyn has expanded her knowledge on not only how the spine works but also how the spine heals. She has found much interest in the practice and is on her way to becoming a Chiropractic assistant. Ofa loves being able to engage with patients and be a part of their healing journey. 

One fun fact about Ofa is that her name means love in the Tongan language.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Tim has over three years of experience as a massage therapist. He has learned various methods and modalities including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point work. Tim’s goal at City Chiropractic is to provide patients with a meaningful and personalized massage to further assist in their wellness journey.

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