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Frequently Asked Questions about Neck Pain

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Frequently Asked Questions Portland Chiropractor

If you recently started feeling pain and discomfort in your neck, finding neck pain relief is likely to be on your mind. Neck Pain treatment in Portland is obtainable from our reputable practice and professional practitioners. Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to any pain felt to help find solutions that minimize discomfort.

What Causes Neck Pain?

There are several reasons why someone would suffer from neck pain. Personal injuries will cause pain to occur. Athletics often cause neck pain, especially in people who try a new activity where they are not used to using neck muscles in a strenuous manner. Looking down to read information on an electronic device or using incorrect stances or incorrect ergonomics on the job for a long duration of time also contributes to neck pain. Poor posture causes pain not just in the neck, but also the shoulders and back.

What Are Some Neck Pain Treatment Options?

When pain occurs, finding neck pain relief quickly is best so symptoms do not become worse. Apply a cool compress on the neck for a few days to reduce inflammation. Afterward, switch to the application of a warm heating pad several times a day. Neck pain treatment from a professional is the best way to eliminate symptoms. They will find the cause of the pain and use the proper methods to reverse the problem. This includes prescribing medication and using physical therapy tactics. Spinal adjustments and massage also reduce pain.

Will Surgery Be Needed If I Have Neck Pain?

In most instances, surgery is avoidable when neck pain arises. A trip to our chiropractor to get an evaluation is the best way to determine the reason for pain. Our practitioners will take every effort to use minimally invasive procedures to reduce discomfort.

Contact Your Portland based Chiropractor for Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain treatment is a phone call away. Contact City Chiropractic in Portland at (503) 224-9513 to get neck pain relief quickly. Our practitioners are ready to give you top-notch care and effective results.

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