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Herniated Disc FAQ's

Herniated Disc FAQ's

Often, people with herniated discs cannot pinpoint the exact moment or movement that caused the disc to rupture, but they start to feel the telltale symptoms.  Herniated discs become more common with age and can cause pain, weakness, or even numbness.  Below are some frequently asked questions about herniated discs and information about how City Chiropractors can help.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

Between the individual bones in the neck and back are tiny discs filled with a gel type liquid.  These discs act as a cushion between the vertebrae as the body bends and moves.  Unfortunately, through injury or age, sometimes these discs rupture and the cushioning jelly is released.  When this happens, the result is what is known as a herniated disc.  

What Causes a Herniated Disc?

Most commonly, herniated discs are simply caused by age.  As the body gets older discs begin to degenerate.  The jelly that fills the discs is mostly made up of water.  With time, the water content in the discs decreases, causing the walls of the disc to become brittle and eventually rupture.

What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

Typically, herniated discs occur in the lower back, but can also appear in the upper back or neck.  The most common symptom is arm or leg pain.  For lower back herniated discs, pain is most intense in the buttocks, hamstrings, or calves.  For upper back and neck herniated discs, people most commonly feel pain in the neck, shoulders, and arms.  In some cases people report their arms or legs feeling numb.  Another common symptom of a herniated disc is weakness.  It can become difficult to hold or grasp an item, or you may find yourself stumbling and tripping more often.

For back pain and neck pain, a chiropractor is a safe, non-invasive option for treatment.  A chiropractor is able to help restore balance to the spine, relieving pressure caused by the herniated disc.   City Chiropractic, a Portland chiropractor, has an experienced and professional staff dedicated to helping you be your best.  We are located at 806 SW Broadway #350, Portland, OR, 97205.  Call for an appointment today at 503-224-9513.

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